Dwarkamai, Shirdi

Dwarkamai is a masjid in Shirdi Maharashtra in India a holy place where Shirdi Sai Baba lived for almost 60 years of his life. Before Sai baba came to Dwarkamai it was an old mosque in unmaintained condition. But baba changed it into a holy place and called it Dwarkamai. The mosque has flat stone called ‘Shila’ on which Sai baba used to sit and talk to the villagers who visited him and he used to give all his devotees ash that is called as Udi which had the powers to cure any suffering. Also, Sai Baba used to light up lamps at dwarkamai which always kept burning. Baba used to cook food for his devotees and serve them and eat together with them. Now when you visit Dwarkamai in shirdi you can see that the mosque is divided into two levels. The first level has a big portrait of Sai Baba and a big stone, which is believed to be the place where Sai Baba used to sit. The other area has two rooms which have a palki and chariot. This level also has a grinding stone and the wooden vessel called ‘Kolamba’ in which Sai Baba used to keep the ‘Bhiksha’ given to him by the villagers and his devotees. Also, the oil paintings of Sai Baba sitting in a carved wooden shrine in the mosque is the main highlight of Dwarkamai. Sai Baba lovingly used to call Dwarkamai as his mother because he felt content and blissful while living here. You can experience the feeling of seeing Sai Baba and Dwarkamai in person at Saiteerth devotional theme park which is India’s 1st devotional Theme park in Shirdi. One of the main attractions at Saiteeth is ‘Dwarkamai’. Dwarkamai is a brilliant show of animatronics and robotics depicting the story of Saibaba. The structure of Dwarkamai is exactly as 100 years ago to give you the real feeling. This show is for 10 minutes with a seating capacity of 250 visitors at a time. You must defiantly visit Saiteerth to watch this beautiful show and experience the other popular attractions.