How to Reach Shirdi

Family & Friends Trip

If you are looking to plan a trip to Shirdi with your family or friends? You can find here itineraries to Shirdi from some major cities in India. Click on the city you wish to travel from to Shirdi for a beautiful experience!

Mumbai To Shirdi

Here is a planned route for you to travel from Mumbai to Shirdi! Checkout this itinerary to have one of the best experiences when in Shirdi. Cover all the major attractions in Shirdi, all the famous places that you should visit when in Shirdi. Make your Journey from Mumbai to Shirdi a memorable one!

Pune To Shirdi

If you are from Pune and planning a trip to Shirdi with your group, Here, is an itinerary for you and your gang to have a perfect trip and visit all the famous places in Shirdi. You should Ideally have a 2day trip to have a fun and spiritual experience!

Delhi To Shirdi

India Gate
If you are planning a trip to Shirdi with your friends and family from Delhi, it should be planned well as it takes around 22 hours and 1250km to reach Shirdi. Explore our itineraries tailor made for a beautiful journey. Visit all the major attractions in Shirdi and all the places that you should visit when in Shirdi. Explore the land of Sai and have a spiritual experience!

Hyderabad To Shirdi

Unique things to do in Hyderabad at Night
A family trip from Hyderabad to Shirdi is always an exciting experience and journey as Shirdi has something for all family members including youngsters and kids. You can choose different modes of transport starting with flights, trains and buses depending on the duration of your plan and the total budgets. You may also experience Shirdi with the help of a Tour guide who can take care of your planning, schedule and ensure a beautiful family holiday in Shirdi to remember…