Places Around Shirdi

Places Around Shirdi



Humble mosque & pilgrimage site, once the home of revered religious leader Sai Baba of Shirdi.
Address: Pimpalwadi Road, Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra 423109
Timings: All days (5am to 10pm)

VIP Passes – VIP passes are available which you can get from ‘PRO office at gate no 1’. If you have physical disability, you will get a wheel chair and your queue will be different from others. You would be taken through ‘Shani gate’ with an escort if required. For Dwarkamai, wheel chairs will not be available. However you can request ‘Rakshak group’ for you Special Darshan.
Convenience Tip – Avoid going on Thursdays, Weekends and Public holidays, instead go on a weekday and you will get a very good darshan with lesser crowd post 7pm.

About the temple –
Located in close proximity to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Dwarkamai is the famous mosque, which features a temple within it. It is one of a kind structure and is greatly known for its architectural magnificence too. According to the legends, Sai Baba had spent a significant part of His life in Dwarkamai and reiterated God as one by spreading the word among his disciples. His disciples, later, built a temple within the mosque to preach His teachings among the people.
Arriving at the mosque for the first time, you may be rather surprised. Was this simple, unadorned structure really the home of “God on earth?” Was this really the centre from which so many miraculous events sprang?
With an iron roof and rough stone walls, the mosque could never be described as grand. Yet, in spite of this – or rather, because of this – it seems to have suited Baba very well. Describing himself as a simple fakir, Baba was a model of dispassion and holy poverty. His personal possessions amounted to little more than a few pieces of cloth, some chillim pipes, a stick, a begging bowl, and a change of kafni – and not even always that. Whenever his devotees wanted to refurnish the mosque, Baba resisted and said that it was not necessary, although basic repair work was gradually carried out.
To the devotees of Sai Baba, Dwarkamai is one of the treasures of Shirdi. The spirit of tolerance, acceptance and welcome for all is very much alive. Baba has said that merely going inside the mosque will confer blessings, and the experiences of devotees confirm this. Sai Baba respected all religions and creeds, and all had free access to the mosque. It is typically unique of Sai Baba that he regarded a place of worship – the mosque – as a mother. He once told a visitor, “Dwarkamai is this very mosque. She makes those who ascend her steps fearless. This masjidmai is very kind. Those who come here reach their goal !”
On entering the mosque one is struck by its powerful atmosphere and the intensity and absorption with which visitors are going about their worship. Another point we notice is the great diversity of devotional expression. Some people will be kneeling before Baba’s picture of making offerings, others will be praying before the dhuni (perpetually burning sacred fire), some may be doing japa or reading from sacred texts, and others will be sitting in contemplation. If we spend some time here we may become aware of a mysterious phenomenon.
Thus, people of all faiths come here to offer prayers to the Lord, keeping their religion aside. The ambiance around the shrine is quite positive, and individuals can feel a devotional vibe within them. It is said that a visit to the Dwarkamai temple can filtrate you soul with the positivity around. You will be amazed to know that the Hindu, as well as the Muslim festivals, are celebrated here with great pomp and enthusiasm.