Places Around Shirdi



Address: Mauli Nagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra 423109 (Between Dwarakamai & Chavadi)

On the lane that runs between Dwarkamai and Chavadi is the Hanuman Mandir, one of the oldest temples in Shirdi. marked by a pair of trees enclosed by a circular railing, It is also known as the Maruti Mandir. Unusually, the temple faces south and there were two Hanuman statues here, side by side.
Baba seems to have had some connection with this temple, sometimes he would stand in front of it and remain there for a while, occasionally slowly moving his arm up and down. Once during the procession to Chavadi, when he came to the lane facing the mandir, he was suddenly seized as if by a spirit and some devotees had to hold him until he reached Chavadi, where the spirit left him. Shama asked him about the incident, “Baba, this Maruti is our Swami, Why do you worship and adore our Swami “? Baba replied, “Arre, shama, in my childhood my parents dedicated me to Maruti, and so I make signs at him to remind him ,”I am his brother.”
The Mandir was a place where sadhus used to stay, including the ascetic Devidas, whom Baba would occassionally visit in his early days, When Baba went to Rahata (a village about five kilometers from Shirdi) with the fakir Javhar Ali in the early l890s, his devotees were deeply unhappy at his absence from them. After about eight weeks they succeeded in persuading Javhar Ali to let Baba return to Shirdi, though he insisted on coming too. A few days later, a debate was held in this mandir between Javhar Ali and Devidas. The fakir was roundly defeated, causing him to flee area, after which Baba remained among his devotees in Shirdi until the end of his days.
This temple is renovated recently by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trsut,Shirdi The construction is made modern using marble and a large statue of Hanuman is founded in the temple in place of previous statues (previous statues are preserved by Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust,Shirdi)another small statue is in front of the big statue.this is small statue give the facility of applying vermillion (red lead).it is a custom. A circular railing is also constructed