‘Shraddha’ is a Sanskrit word meaning Faith with love and reverence. One can generate shraddha in themselves with spiritual inspiration. Sai Baba believed and taught his followers & devotees to face every situation in their life with truth, love & faith (shraddha). Baba sowed the seeds of spiritual inspiration in the hearts of people who knew of him. Sai baba sai, ‘love in God is the gateway to eternity’. Baba reiterates the spiritual guidance of Shri Krishna to Arjun – “Who-so ever offer to Me with love or devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, that offering of pure love is readily accepted by Me”. Baba’s teachings directly or indirectly define the significance of ‘Shraddha’.


‘Saburi’ means patience and perseverance. Everyone should try to possess Saburi as it is a quality needed throughout the path of life to reach your goal. There will be many trying & difficult situations in life. You may face a life test come in your way in the form of frustration, distress, agony, illness, mishaps, or a loss. In such moments we should seek support from the Master Sai baba and trust in him with patience. If patience means anything it should last till the end, and faith will see us through every turmoil of life.


Purity Sai baba always emphasized for the need of inner purification. He told his believers & devotees that no amount of physical and outside cleansing would serve any purpose if the mind and heart of an individual is impure. Therefore, Baba’s spiritual radiance brought an amazing transformation in the devotees that they started to be far away from the impurities in words, deeds and thoughts. Baba’s teachings inspired his devotees to be chaste, pure and simple.


Sai Baba was an epitome of Love and Compassion. He always had compassion towards helping the people who suffer. He treated every creature with equal amount of love and compassion without any discrimination. Sai baba told his devotees, ‘Never turn away anybody from your door, be it a human being or animal’. During his days he would spend his time with a dog, horse, cow or even a fly, to prove his presence in the consciousness of all the creatures. Sai baba also told his devotees and followers to always show love and compassion towards others.